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Hello, and welcome to Dank Dynasty Online. A community designed to make questioning the quality and consistency of your cannabis, a thing of the past. Never again will you have to worry about being mislead by ridiculously high priced ads for "premium quality" products. Products that rarely live up to their expectation, leaving you feeling cheated and angry, having wasted your money on a lie. Nor will you ever again be let down when opening your package to find that the thick beautiful frosty "Quads" you ordered from the picture, arrives and inside you find dried out bunk weed instead. 


At Dank Dynasty Online, we aim to provide an ordering experience designed to promote a more streamlined and consistent process. All you have to do is sign up and register as a member, and once verified, your all set! Before you know it, you'll be spinning up your favourite bud to enjoy in no time! By becoming a Registered Member, you will have access to your private profile page, which you can customize to help match you up with consumers, resources or products you are looking. By attaching word tags to your profiles "Interests" section, which allows others looking for the same interests, can connect and share. You will also receive emails with special offers, coupons and promotions, as well as, receive exclusive early-bird access to sales and discount days. Become a Paid Member to gain access to the Private Members Lounge. Here our Private members gain access to VIP Exclusive Exotics, a flower list of rare and uncommon flower strains. This list is not for the inexperienced consumer. These elusive strains are intended for those who seek something new and aren't hindered by price. Ranging in price from "Thats a bit much" to "It better come with a new car" we guarantee that the strains on this list will not leave you wanting.


We pride ourselves on the level of care and consideration we use when selecting our products. At Dank Dynasty Online, we value good health and wellness above all else, which is why we guarantee our products to be only the best. So, if you are ready for a place you can count on to provide you with only the best, never mislead you with false claims of quality, and treat you as an equal and not just another dollar in the bank, then hurry over and join the community everyone is talking about. Dank Dynasty, the new standard of High Echelon Chron, with service you can count on. Thank you all for choosing Dank Dynasty for you cannabis needs, and happy shopping!

Warmest Regards,

The Dank Dynasty Team

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