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Canada Wide Mail Order

To order through our Canada Wide Mail Delivery Service. First check out our product page, which are updated daily. Then, once you have decided on what you want click 'SHOP' and select your items, which will add to your cart. Once finished, proceed to checkout and follow the payment instructions below. You will receive a response which includes your invoice with item list and total price, and payment instructions. ALL payments are to be made by E-Transfer ONLY.



After placing your order, please proceed to send an Email Money Transfer following these steps:


When your bank asks you for the NAME of the recipient, please enter: CUSTOMLIVEEDGE

** DO NOT SEND YOUR PAYMENT AS DankDynastyOnline, DDO, DANK, Mailorder weed ETC.**

The EMAIL to send your payment to is: LIVEEDGEPROS@GMAIL.COM 


When your bank asks you for the SECURITY QUESTION, please enter: What is my age?


When your bank asks you for the SECRET ANSWER please enter: 20Four


Once we have received confirmation of your payment, you will receive an e-receipt for your order. Once your package has been submitted to the courier, your will receive notification via email that your package is on the way as well as your Tracking Number.


All shipments over $99 will receive free XPresspost shipping (1-3 business days)


Any order over $5000 receives free priority shipping (next day).

To have your order processed and submitted to the courier on the same day as it was placed, please ensure your order has been submitted by no later than 2pm EST, or it will not be sent out until the following day. Thank you for your cooperation and we apologize in advance for any inconvenience this  may cause.

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